Saturday, January 23, 2016


So far this year the Cards have been discussing who should be their leadoff hitter. Normally Matt Carpenter is the lead off hitter. But since last year Matt had lead the team in total homeruns they are having a discussion on who should be the new leadoff or if he should stay. To me, if they move Matt down in the order I feel that Kolten Wong should take his spot. He might not have the highest on base percentage on the team, but he is fast. With him having the speed he does I would put him in the top. You could use his speed to get around the bases fast as Matt Carpenter hits him around. It would also help if the Cards picked up a solid power hitter. With a power hitter behind Carpenter and Wong you could adding a few runs per game easy. With a few more runs that could turn a lot of games that were losses into wins.

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