Thursday, March 24, 2016


This week for high school baseball were suppose to have six games in six days. To start the week we played Westvillle. Westville was suppose to be a tough competitor but came out to be easier than expected. We beat Westville 16-4 in five innings. Tuesday we played the Marshall Lions who were suppose to be one of the easier game of the year turned out to be the first full game we have played all year. The Lions were not the best team that we have played but it is also the worst game that the tigers have played. We ended up winning against the Lions 10-6. So far in our four games we have outscored our opponents 62-10. Wednesday we had the day off and Thursday (today) our game against Oblong was cancelled because of weather issues. Tomorrow we have a home game against Cumberland and then Saturday we have a double header against Tri-County which hopefully will be a easier game we can win both of.

Friday, March 18, 2016


This week the Paris baseball team has two baseball games. Yesterday we played Danville schlarman. They were not that good of a team but they did try hard. In the first inning Paris batted all the way through the lineup and then the top three got out giving us a good lead. The next inning we went all the way through the order again and added to lead. Brady sutton in the second inning hit a inside the park home run giving him four RIB's. Going into the third inning Danville was still scoreless. Paris in the third inning was up by around twenty. In the third inning Brady was up again with bases loaded and us being up by twenty two.
Brady gets up there and hit a grand slam out of the park. The kid chasing the ball hit the fence and dropped and that is how the game ended.

Friday, March 11, 2016


The Saint Louis Cardinals this spring are off to a 5-4 record. So far the Cards have lost to the Astros, the Nationals, Marlins, and the Mets. I am not worried about any of those teams above I would be fine if we lose to all of them. The one team that I am really worried about is the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs are going to be a good competition this year. It also will not help the Cardinals that their starting shortstop Johnny Peralta. They are predicting that Peralta will be out 2-3 months with a thumb injury. Most people do not realize how big of an impact he is. He is a very solid fielder and also is a decent hitter that we could rely on most of the time.

Friday, March 4, 2016


Yesterday on March 3, 2016 the Cardinals had their first preseason game against the Florida Marlins. For the Cardinals had Tyler Lyons on the mound. He pitched a total of three innings and allowed only one run. On the mound he threw a total of 41 pitches and only allowed 3 hits. For the Marlins, Koehler was on the mound. Koehler is expected to be the Marlins number three starter this year. In the one and 2/3 innings that he had pitched he gave up three runs. Two of which were earned. The cardinals won the game four to three. They play again today against the Astros looking to get another preseason win!